Why I’m Running? There is much to do

  • I’m running to work with residents, whether they have kids in the schools or not, to ensure that student achievement and well-being is priority and that our community schools are better for the next generation of learners.
  • As a member of the board of trustees, I supported Burlington high school amalgamations to improve the future of education for all Burlington students. These amalgamations were necessary in creating equitable access to the best and most appropriate learning environments for the individual needs of Burlington high school students. Our children’s futures are heavily influenced by what they are exposed to in school. I believe that having a variety of course selections, including skilled trades, in every high school is a paramount step in exposing students to as many career pathways as possible.
  • I’m running to ensure that the changes and transitions for special education students, including the creation of two comprehensive schools (MM Robinson HS and Nelson HS), deliver on the expectations set by the Director of Education and community. 
  • I’m running to support the successful implementation of the new I-STEM program at Aldershot School and the new International Baccalaureate program at Burlington Central High School. I will ensure these initiatives receive the resources they need. 
  • I’m running to ensure the French Immersion Grade 2 entry program results in increased student success and meets parent expectations.